March 2011

Low cost ideas for memorializing your pet

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So that dreaded day has come and gone.  Your family pet has "passed" and the absence is noticeable.  You no longer hear the sound of toenails on the hardwood floors.  You no longer have to spell out the words F-O-O-D and W-A-L-K to prevent a near riot.  Your children will also be coping with the loss of their friend / family member.   We've previously covered recommended books to help deal with the death of an animal.  But, there are also some hands-... … [read more]

Knut, we hardly Knew ye

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Sad news out of Berlin this week.  Knut, the world famous polar bear, died unexpectedly while swimming in his enclosure.  The cause of death was not determined.  He was four years old.   The bear captured the hearts of the German people shortly after he was born in captivity, but was rejected by his mother - the first polar bear to be born and survive infancy in the Berlin Zoo in over 30 years.   However, not everyone thought zookeepers should take the extraordinary... … [read more]