January 2011

Pets, prayers and heaven

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IF you are an Atheist, you might want to skip this post.  Or, if you have religious beliefs, but don't feel they apply to animals, you too may want to browse elsewhere.  Christopher Hitchens and Sarah Palin, don't say you haven't been given fair warning!  Heck, I might even offend the entire spectrum of belief-systems with this post.  Just stop reading now, whoever you are.   I grew up in a religious household.  Every Sunday, my sister, mom and I hopped... … [read more]

An Introduction

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And so it begins.  Writing a blog.  I can be fairly disciplined - as evidenced by my regular exercising, guitar playing and twice-daily floss routine.  But, in all honesty, writing is a painful process for me.  I won't promise brilliance.  (I try not to promise anything at all if possible.)  But, I will try to regularly impart what knowledge I possess, clearly and succinctly, on topics dealing with: pets, death, funerals, memorialization, grief, bereavement and... … [read more]

Top counselor book picks for helping to deal with loss of a pet

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Randomly select an elementary or middle school teacher.  Ask them for the most common topic kids write about.  Chances are, they'll say: dead pets.   Given that most school-aged kids will have known their pet since birth, it's easy to understand why.  The loss of a pet is like losing a close family member.   An informal poll of members at the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) produced this recommended set of books to help elementary and middle school... … [read more]

CPR for pets. No, really.

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If you grew up in the 80s and went through lifeguard training, as I did, you may recall with some nostalgia rehearsing CPR on a mannequin named "Resusci-Annie".  Walking up to see a motionless figure on the ground, I'd go through the robotic recitation: "Annie!  Annie!  Are you okay?!?!  You, call 911!"  Check for breathing obstruction, clear passage way as necessary, administer two steady breaths and begin chest compressions.  Fortunately,... … [read more]

Your spouse or your pet - take your pick

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File this under news you can't use.  NPR reports on a survey conducted by Petside.com and the Associated Press, which included the question: "If you had to choose between your spouse...or your pet, which would you choose?"  14% of respondents chose their pet.  The other 86% chose their spouse or refused to answer the question.   Yawn.  Big yawn.                     And now, for something completely... … [read more]